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1. When you clicked on Join Us you will see many countries flags.
2. Select and click on your country's flag.
3. Fill your Join Us information, give a unique password only for this website. Password must contain at least one uppercase (A-Z), Lowercase (a-z) Numbers (1-9) special characters (?.,!@$#&*%). enter postcode of your city.
4. Register yourself and check the company's email in your inbox or spam. You can receive an email from "LORDS CONSULTANTS" open it and click on the given link in the email. Now you are ready to earn money check your email daily to get your paid survey. When you get a survey invitation via email click on the TAKE SURVEY button and click on given questions and put in your honest opinion. After completing the survey you will see your earned money on your cellphone or computer screen. You can get your earned money via PayPal, GCodes,JAZZ CASH, UPAISA, EASY PAISA, and UBL OMNI and enjoy your earned cash. OR To promote education in society contribute directly. Donate your rewards in the school/college where your child goes. The school knows about deserving students. Your donations will be spent on deserving students surely.

Your Opinion is important for us

As you know Lords consultant is a market research knowledge-based company. We conduct research surveys for our national and international clients in your local languages worldwide. The client wants to get opinions about their products from end-users. Your opinions help our clients to make the best product or service for you. If you want to discuss your product user experiences with policies maker and quality controllers as a sensible consumer this platform for you. You are warmly welcome to become a panelist in Lord's consultant consumer panel. Answer on surveys questionnaire and get money. Become a member Click on Join Us

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To get rewards in the shape of money (USD).
There are 3 steps.

(1) Become a member (Click on Join Us)

(2) Answer surveys

(3) Get money.

Our Services

Online Survey

Welcome to our online survey community. We have online panelists around the world.To earn money please go at the Join Us button, click on your country flag and write your Join Us information. Lord's consultant sends you an email on the email address you give to check it in your mailbox. Open that email you will click on the given link to confirm your identification and confirmation for your account on our website. Now you are our panelist and ready to get paid surveys from us.If you have an android cell phone or an Apple phone, please download our opinion app.

Information Technology

LORD's consultant is a market research & software technology company having a business in more than twenty countries. We work in software development, website development, domain and hosting as well.
We promote education and educational institutes in the world with technology.
We believe if we want to make the world a better living place we should educate peoples and give awareness to become better live. We are striving to create a livelihood in this digital era for youth.
We help deserving and marginalized students in worldwide. Lord's consultants create awareness in donors and our panelists Worldwide to help the deserving students in their community.
We help young entrepreneurs to grow businesses around the world. Then they create a working place, employment for others. We have a department in the company for jobs and career counseling..

Social Research Technology

LORDs Consultants is one of the top field, mail, telephone and online survey company serving clients worldwide.
We provide research services that include commercial, educational and governmental, non-governmental (NGOs) Surveys and evaluation of the projects.
We are experts in all methodologies of market research implementation.
PAPI -Pen and Paper Survey
CATI - Computer-assisted telephone interview
CAPI-Computer-assisted personal interview
CASI - Computer-assisted self-interviewing
CAWI - Computer-assisted web-interviewing
FGD- Focus group discussion
CLTS - Central location test survey
CUT's- Consumer Use Testing survey
HUT- Home Usage Testing

Our Portfolio

We stay on top of our industry by being experts in yours.

The advancement of technology has given us so many ways of finding out what we need to do to sustain businesses of different kinds. Regardless of the differences that are unique to each business, one thing remains important – knowing what your customer base wants, and then work on fulfilling their needs in order to survive from the competition.

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The most important task of a marketer is to get the right product at the right place with the right price to the right person. Besides, it was also necessary to go back and find whether the consumer is getting optimum satisfaction so that the consumer remains loyal. These aspects made it imperative for marketers to conduct marketing research. The following points explain the need.........

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It is very hard for market researchers to offer a better service if they don't have a clear view of what companies conduct market research and I am very keen to hear what other people think. In particular, I am keen to hear if people have additional categories, are good examples.The four main uses of market research, by commercial organizations, in descending order of importance .........

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